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הי. אני נעמה.
אני מעצבת ומפתחת
אתרי אינטרנט.

hi. i'm naama.
i'm a web designer &

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welcome to my website.

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הי, אני נעמה.
נשואה לפיני, אמא ל-3 ילדים מדהימים (איתמר, יעל ואביגיל), כלבה (לולה) וחתול (תולי). אני אוהבת לשיר, לשחק כדורשת, לאפות וליצור.
במהלך 15 השנים האחרונות, עבדתי בחברה ליעוץ ופיתוח ארגוני כמנהלת תפעול, כספים ומערכות מידע וכן בתעשיית ההי-טק כמפתחת תוכנה.
ההשכלה שלי כוללת לימודי עיצוב גרפי ומדעי המחשב, 2 תחומים שאני מאוד אוהבת.
לאחר שנים של ניהול, תכנות, חישובים והפקות, החלטתי לשלב בין 2 התחומים ולעסוק בתחום בו התשוקה שלי נמצאת - עיצוב ופיתוח אתרי אינטרנט.

Naama Beck-Levi portrait
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יערה אסיף - מעצבת פנים

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פלטפורמת webflow

שמיים סוכנות לביטוח

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לילך שפירא - מעצבת פנים

עיצוב ופיתוח אתר
פלטפורמת webflow

תנועת ״ראש טבעון״

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פלטפורמת webflow

Your Repairman

עיצוב ופיתוח אתר
פלטפורמת webflow

Butterfly Homes

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פלטפורמת joomla

Levia Lice Treatment

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פלטפורמת joomla

Butterfly Investments

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השירותים שלי

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עיצוב רספונסיבי

today its all about BYOD (bring your own device), and multiple devices and browsers are used to view your website. it must look and function perfectly anywhere and with whatever it’s viewed.
i’ll make sure it is.

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שירות ותמיכה לאורך כל הדרך

i'm accompanying the website building process right from the beginning, even when you still don't even know what you are looking for, until the website is on air and after...

what do you need icon

מה אתה צריך?

whether you need only a blog or a full website containing a store, help center, gallery, etc.
i'll be happy to meet your needs.

an idea first icon

הכי חשוב - הרעיון!

i believe that a good website design must have a good idea behind it. each object should be designed and placed for a purpose.

cms is the vest icon

אתר המנוהל ע״י הלקוח

when you wish to change text, image or any content on your website, you should be able to do that easily and without the fear that you'll mess things up. that's what CMS (Joomla, Webflow, Wordpress, etc.) are all about.

web accessibility icon

נגישות אתר

some of your users might have disabilities. your website must be designed and developed in a way that all users will have equal access to its information and functionality.

מה לקוחות מספרים עליי...

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We worked with NBL Design to develop 2 generations of our website and corporate blog. We were extremely happy with both the process and the result. 
First and foremost, Naama is a true professional, that knows variety of web technologies and tools, how to integrate them and is able to get on board of new ones quickly. 
Second, she is highly dedicated and responsive to her customer needs and was able to pull off results in high demanding timelines. She constantly looks at the big picture anticipating problems before they occur and making smart recommendation.
Last, Naama is a pleasure to work with positive and a "can do" attitude. I highly recommend her for a website development and design projects.

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David Brutman, Folloze Inc. CPO & Co-founder

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Working with Naama has been an absolute pleasure! After 3 years of close and fruitful cooperation, I can honestly say that it’s been a delightful journey.
The experience was smooth, professional and fun.
Naama can basically do everything you can expect from a web expert. Everything is done with a genuine dedication and carrying, and this is why we keep coming back every time, whenever we need the work to be done.
Thanks Naama!

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Ami Avrahami, Dragonfly Group (Butterfly) General Partner

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